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Tree and Garden Stakes

Kiwireco tree stakes are made using 100% recycled plastic. This allows us to make products free of any toxic chemicals that could leach into the soil. It makes Kiwireco products ideal for vegetable gardens and orchards. Coloured pigments are added to shield the plastic from UV damage.




1.2m high $60 per 10 or $7.50 each

1.5m high
$70 per 10 or $8.50 each

1.8m high
$80 per 10 or $9.50 each

green reel 40 mm

Treestrap 4cm


Sold in bundles of 10 stakes

0.6m high $35 per 10 - currently unavailable

0.9m high $40 per 10 or $4.5 each

25 mm plastic stake


Kiwireco plastic tree and garden stakes are made from U.V. stabilized 100% NZ recycled plastic to last outdoors for up to 10 years.

Why buy Kiwireco stakes?


Kiwireco stakes are:

· Strong and durable - will not break or shatter when hammered
Rot, U.V. and corrosion resistant
Disease and splinter free
Free of any toxic chemical treatment like CCA that can leach into the soil and be absorbed by your plants
Versatile: from plant support to electric fencing
Available in a range of lengths and colours to suit your requirements.
100% NZ owned and operated

Therefore you :

· Save money by buying a product that would last you for years
Are supporting sustainable manufacturing processes and saving natural resources.


TREE AND GARDEN TIES $8.95 each or any 4 rolls for $32.

100% Recycled Plastic

2mm wide x 75m long
4mm wide x 30m long 

20mm wide x 20m long
40mm wide x 10m long

Green Reels

Kiwireco garden ties are:   

· Made to last. No need to replace every season.
Designed to support big trees as well as a wide range of garden plants like beans, tomatoes, roses, etc.
Easy to staple to the stakes or to untie and reuse.
Soft and flexible, gentle on the bark yet providing reliable support even in the windiest conditions.
Made from U.V. stabilized 100% NZ recycled plastic to last outdoors for up to 10 years.

Therefore you :

· Save money by buying a product that will last you for years.
Are supporting sustainable manufacturing processes and saving natural resources.


KIWIRECO UPRIGHT CLOCHE $5.95 each or $50 for a pack of 10.

Chemical Free Protection for your Plants



Step 1:

Remove safety tubes. Insert the two ends of one metal wire into the soil 200mm deep on either side of the plant  with the groove facing down.

Step 2:

Insert the second wire 200mm deep locking the groove over the first wire and building a square frame.

Step 3:

Slide the cloche over the wire frame

Kiwireco upright cloche offers many advantages and protection from

  • Frost and wind
  • Animal grazing
  • Slug and snail damage
  • Cats and bird damage
  • Keeps the mulch in place
  • Speeds up plant growth acting as a hothouse

The cloche is made from UV stabilized 100% recycled plastic. It will last outdoors for over 10 years supporting your plants for many seasons. It can be easily removed and reused on other plants.

Give your seedlings a head start and chemical free protection.

Contents:         Corrosion resistant galvanised wire frame 600mm high—1 pair;

                       UV stabilised protective cloche: 400mm long x 300mm diameter.


TREE TRUNK PROTECTOR $4.95 each or $40 for a pack of 10.

Uncoil trunk protector Place trunk protector around tree trunk

1. Start uncoiling the protector

2.  Place uncoiled end around tree trunk     

Wrap Trunk protector around tree Adjust trunk protector
3.  Continue wrapping around the tree 4.  Adjust the coils as  necessary

50mm wide x 0.5m long coil

Covers trunks from 40mm to 100mm in diameter  

Kiwireco tree trunk protector is:

· Made from 100% recycled polyethylene
Designed to protect young trees from animal grazing and mechanical damage caused by lawnmowers and weed-eaters

Tree Trunk Protector



600mm high x 200mm wide x 5mm thick


Step 1:

Select a centred spot in your garden. 
Dig a hole 450mm deep x 205mm wide. 
Insert the tube 450mm deep and cover the sides.
Leave 150mm edge above the ground. 

Step 2:

Layer bedding material for the first 300mm: e.g. compost followed  by coconut husks or roughly cut pea straw to ensure good drainage.  Keep it moist.  Place at least 250gm compost worms covering them with a thin layer  of bedding material. 

Step 3:

Feed kitchen scraps and organic waste as you would for conventional worm farms. 
Spray the top layer with water every time you feed the worms in hot weather.  Always cover with the insulating clay tile lid provided. 

In-ground Worm Tube Composting - Let the worms do all the work for you right in the garden. An easy way to fertilise your garden the whole year round. 

A specially designed sturdy plastic tube is installed in the ground. Food scraps are put into the tube. Worms can freely move in and out of the tube through drilled holes digesting the food and spreading the castings in your garden. Worm castings and liquid act as a composting and fertilising agent. The most effective fertilisation will be noticeable within 1-2m radius of the tube. 

1 UV stabilised plastic tube 600mm high x 200mm wide x 5mm thick. 
1 Insulating clay tile lid. 

Kiwireco Worm Tube is sturdy and robust made out of lead free U.V. stabilized plastic according to AS/NZS regulations. 


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