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is a Kiwi company that uses recycled, sustainable resources and converts them into garden products like tree ties and tree stakes that help plants grow. In reducing plastic waste, with superb exterior durability and the absence of harmful chemicals, the tree ties and tree stakes make an environmentally friendly alternative to treated wood for organic gardens.

The recycled plastic range includes different sizes of tree straps and tree stakes. The ties are suitable for big trees as well as all sorts of garden plants such as tomatoes, climbers and ornamentals. The stakes are suitable both for tree support and garden vegetables.

Kiwireco ties and stakes are all made out of 100% recycled plastic. The manufacturing process keeps tons of plastic waste out of landfills every year, while offering customers gardening products that are not only durable and safe but also environmentally responsible.  

The Kiwireco tree stakes and ties are 100% recyclable.

Our current range: 40mm Recycled Plastic Tree Stakes  - 25mm Recycled Plastic Garden Stakes - Recycled Plastic Garden Ties - Recycled Plastic Tree Trunk Protector - Upright Cloches